Queenie and Mavis – the best grazing box deliveries in Melbourne! 

Meet Emma and Brodie.

Queenie and Mavis comprise of Emma and Brodie, a loving couple, parents to two littlies (2 under 12months…no they are not twins!!), an ex-defence family with years in the hospitality industry.

Between them, they each have a role to play. Whilst Emma is the creative, with a design background, a keen eye for detail, a love of cheese and the best at not only writing a to do list, but getting them done, Brodie is the delivery driver, the one who actually gets the to do list done, a wine lover and is likely the one you will be talking to if you have any questions. 


Why the name?

Why the name, Queenie and Mavis you ask? Well, these are the names of Emma’s Great-Grandmothers. These women were strong, tenacious and driven for their time. Their lives were ones full of food, family and love. Emma and Brodie hope to follow these women in a way that would make them proud.